Hacking PHP Classes

Saturday, December 8, 2012
So a buddy of mine and me were trying to figure out how to make our PHP class for connecting to our MongoDB do something like:
and we found out that you can't nest classes with php like you can some other programming languages. So the solution was to create a class with public variables that would hold the other classes.

Therefore now we can do something in the posts class like:

and then be able to call it in a nicer fashion like this:
Rather than something like this:
This tactic for nesting PHP classes that my friend and I used really helped clean up a messing looking garble of code and allowed us to clean up the code for our classes and provide a little bit of easier formatting than what we were using.
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My Custom Background Images

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here's all the backgrounds I made a few years ago. (All of them are 2048x1152). Click on them to get a larger view and if you want all of them: Tarball or Zip (9MB)

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VPS Host Reviews

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I had the 512MB RAM KVM and the 128 MB RAM OpenVZ from BuyVM and I owned them for about a year. There was a few outages when I first got the servers and it seemed like a massive race to get a server whenever they finally got stock (not very often). In addition to that multiple outages occurred due to people over abusing their VPS causing others to carry their load which made the services short. However other than that my server didn't really have many issues and it worked for what I needed it for at a cheap price. 

Reason of Cancellation (Images Below): 
  1. Crappy Support (Linked to useless wiki pages)
  2. Saying one thing on their twitter and not following through with it

I had the 2GB RAM OpenVZ VPS with Comfort Host. The first major issue I had with them was how outdated their kernel was (using Chicago 2 data center), I couldn't install Ubuntu 12.04 and this issue is still going on. On top of that I had a few issues with Upstart crashing the server when trying to use it as non-root, the good news is the support team was really working hard to fix it but it just seemed that towards the end they just wanted to move the server somewhere else and test it or try and make me upgrade the server which was unneeded (Upstart shouldn't be using 3GB of RAM). Support does respond rather quickly to your ticket but it takes time to solve any issues you have. Also when they did finally upgrade the kernel (3 months later) it still was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outdated (We're on 3.6....the server is on 2.6).

Reason of Cancellation: 
  1. OpenVZ isn't for me (It wouldn't run MongoDB properly)
  2. Way outdated kernel which took wayyyyy to long for them to even barley update (3 months)
  3. I didn't like how the admin responding to my tickets would change a lot (One ticket has about 3 or 4 different admins responding to it).
The good news is that they did give me a full refund for the month that I had pre-paid for.

Kernel Ticket

Upstart Crashing Server

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